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IPREDator Beta Launched this Week

This week kicked off the closed beta of IPREDator, a Virtual Private Network (VPN) operated by the developers of The Pirate Bay. Unlike the torrent website, IPREDator offers anonymous Internet access by replacing the end-users IP address--assigned by the ISP--with a new address using a 128-bit encrypted VPN tunnel. This prevents 3rd-party monitoring software from successfully tracking data to and from the end user's PC. The new IP address also bypasses ISP-defined limitations.

"IPREDator does not store any personal details about its clients," stated an email to the beta clients. "IPREDator does not store any traffic habits you might have. IPREDator is the key to a free internet in the renaissance of censorship!"

According to ITnews, IPREDator offers greater security than its competitors--Perfect Privacy, Torrent Freedom, and Witopia to name a few--because the VPN originates in Sweden; local law does not (presently) enforce companies to surrender user information unless the conviction results in at least two years in jail.

As it stands, IPREDator will remain in beta until further notice, allowing only 180,000 registered beta testers to test the secure network. When officially launched, the service will cost around $7 USD per month.