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Internet Explorer Users Set Sail for Google's Chrome

Chrome has been the talk of the playground and while a lot of the coverage over the last week or so has focused on bugs, patches and fixes for said bugs, speculation as to what Chrome will mean for Google’s support of Mozilla’s Firefox, there’s been little data to show how popular Chrome has been with users.

When you consider the fact that the browser has only been out a week, any data should be taken with a grain of salt. When a new product emerges, particularly something users can get for free and are under no obligation to stick with, you’re always going to see a migration of users eager to try the new and compare it to the old before making a decision.

It’s for this reason that we expected to see a bloated user base for Chrome. Last week Net Applications said Chrome hit 1.48 percent of the market share before stabilizing around 1 percent. While this week’s numbers are a little lower than that (According to NA, Chrome is currently at 0.7 percent), they’re nothing to be ashamed of, especially since Google seems to be taking those users solely from Internet Explorer.

"IE took the entire market share hit from Chrome," said Vince Vizzaccaro, Net Applications’ executive vice president of marketing, told ComputerWorld. That coupled with the fact that Vizzaccaro says the rest of the alternative browsers all had gains as well is not good news for IE.

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