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Hyundai Preps for Apocalypse with Zombie Survival Vehicle

In preparation for this year's Comic-Con, Hyundai has joined in on the zombie apocalypse frenzy with the unveiling of its latest concept vehicle, the Zombie Survival Machine. Pretty much exactly what it sounds like, the Zombie Survival Machine is a heavily modified Hyundai Elantra optimized for plowing through armies of the undead.

Teaming up with zombie apocalypse expert and graphic novel creator Robert Kirkman, Hyundai and Design Craft Fabrication created the vehicle with custom add-ons such as a spike-filled zombie plow, roof hatch for passenger-enabled zombie shotgunning, armored window coverings, all-terrain tires, radio system and, of course, a plethora of weapons and storage compartments.

Hoping to account for just about every disaster situation, Hyundai promises to bring even more features on board. While a Hyundai Elantra probably isn't the first vehicle you would think of turning to for mowing down hordes of hungry zombies, we have to admit the company has created one mouth-watering concept. Sadly, we probably won't be seeing these bad boys enter production any time soon, so if the apocalypse comes, you'll just have to duct tape some samurai swords to your Prius and hope for the best.