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Hulu May Not Use a Pay Only Subscription

So is Hulu going to charge users for its streaming video service? That was the case weeks ago, as News Corp. Deputy Chairman Chase Carey said that the current free model was very difficult in capturing the "value" of the site's content. There was even an indication that Hulu would start charging some kind of fee for content as early as 2010.

But that may or may not be the case. Entertainment Weekly reports that Hulu will continue to remain free of content fees. Based on an inside source close to the video streaming website, any possible pay-per-view or subscription service would only build upon Hulu, not replace it. But for now, there is no set timeline for any kind of payment system.

Last month Carey clearly indicated that charging for every video on Hulu would be the answer even though the industry needs to receive payment for broadcasting online content. However, he did mention Hulu Mobile or "specially-created content and TV previews" as means to help carry the financial burden. Streaming content from HBO and other pay-channels would work as well, or perhaps selling downloadable video content such as movies and TV episodes.