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Microsoft Revealing Hulu for Xbox in Two Weeks?

Right around the corner is gaming conference E3. There are some pretty good rumors doing the rounds regarding a new PSP and we already know about Nintendo's 3DS, not to mention PlayStation Move and Microsoft's Natal. So here's another one for E3; rumor has it Hulu could be coming to Xbox Live.

Gear Live cites a "very reliable source (who has never been wrong before)" that says Microsoft and Xbox will have the honor of kicking off the subscription-based paid model for Hulu. Though nothing is for certain Gear Live says it will be available via the Xbox 360 dashboard (just like Netflix). The site also suspects users will pay a monthly or quarterly fee using Microsoft Points.

Similarly, while says it's not sure about an E3 launch, the gaming site says the Hulu for Xbox 360 application definitely exists and is fully operational. Citing a source close to Microsoft, 1UP reports that the only thing throwing a spanner in the works are rights issues for Hulu content.

Would you be into Hulu for Xbox? Let us know in the comments below!

*Image Credit: CNet's Matt Hickey

  • daworstplaya
    As a paid service? No thanks ...
  • shening
    f*** microsoft points
  • boogalooelectric
    Umm no!
  • twbg4cq
    Don't have an Xbox, PS3, or a Wii. I'll just stick with Blockbuster Online and watching Hulu on my computer.
  • dark_lord69
    Dumb... I'll just watch Hulu using my laptop on it's docking station... That just happens to be hooked up to my surround sound and HDTV.
  • if they want to bump up the price of xbox live by a LITTLE bit, then fine, but if they want me to start paying a subscription fee per month for hulu on xbox 360, then they can bite it.
  • sliem
    F no, Hulu is free.
  • bison88
    I would definitely appreciate Hulu on the 360. One thing Hulu can't have enough of is content. I think the short and sweet ads either one long one in the middle of the show or in the beginning is the way to go. It sure as hell beats over 15 minutes of ads in a 60 minute TV time slot. TV ads have just gone to the point of retardation.
  • PhoenixFour
    If Hulu's fee is cheaper than cable and I can watch all of my shows through it, I would totally do this and cancel my cable subscription.
  • I would absolutely use hulu on xbox live. Using xbox points would be a pain though...