Hotline Miami Now Available for Mac

Dennaton Games's psychedelic 2D top-down action game Hotline Miami took the gaming world by storm with its sick beats and lightning fast gameplay.

Soon after gaining both success critically and at retail, Dennaton announced that it would be porting the title, originally Windows only, to Mac, PS3, and PS Vita. In December 2012, Dennaton tweeted that the Mac version of the game was mostly done, with only a little bit testing left to do before its release.

Today, Hotline Miami became available on Mac (OS 10.6+). Unfortunately, the port didn't come with any sale, so anyone eager to pick up the game will have to pay the full price of $9.99.



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  • mobrocket

    i like to pay in cow patties, u accept those too?
  • killerclick
    I bought this game, I don't get it why so many people like it.
  • beardguy

    I agree. Soundtrack is awesome. The art direction is kind of cool, but the game itself is way overrated.