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Automato57: The Robotic Burger Flavor Enhancer

We'll probably regret the our recent surge of mecha-automation the moment robots start harvesting us for electricity, but for now we get all the benefits of slavery without all the messy morality issues. And if you thought we've reached the limits of mechanical automation, then you obviously haven't seen the Heinz Automato57.

This four-wheeled cybernetic condiment dispenser is the lazy burger addict's dream: no longer will you have to lift a finger to add a little bit of zing to your daily dose of heart attack. The Automato57 simply wheels into action and messily spurts a glob of processed tomato onto a bare patty. Now if only the the spinning arms didn't make it look like a Heinz bottle's doing Number Two on your lunch.

[source: The Everlasting Blort via Technabob]