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Concept Allows Hearing Impaired to Visualize Sounds

Hoping to improve the communication experiences of the hearing impaired, South Korean designer Jaepyung Lee has created the Communicaid concept. Lee's design features three different communication devices that each serve a unique purpose in making daily communication easier. The idea behind the device is to help the hearing impaired react to emergency warnings and dialogue by transforming input sound into visualizations.

The first of the three devices of Communicaid is known as the visual sound station. Designed for indoor or home use, the visual sound station features two integrated high quality MEMS microphones that are capable of detecting specific sounds such as emergency alarms, or someone calling a name from a distance.

The second device is a pair of glasses that are able to capture sounds and transmit them to the user via blinding LEDs. Unlike the sound station, these glasses are designed for outdoor use, allowing the hearing impaired to notice sounds in the form of LED sequences. This concept would allow the hearing impaired to visualize warning sounds such as a yell or a vehicle's horn.

The final part of the Communicaid concept is the mobile communicator which instantly converts conversations into a text form that allows the user to respond by text or convert any typed message into an audio response. Since the majority of people aren't fluent in sign language, the Communicaid concept makes communicating easier and safer. For more information and renders of the device, head on over to Lee's page here.