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Colorme Headphone ''Synesthesia'' Concept

This innovative concept from Ivan Jaddou is a proposed brand name inspired by the phenomenon of synesthesia, the neurological condition when one sensory experience leads to another secondary sensory experience. Jaddou's headphones hopes to embody the perplexing condition that can bring vibrant colors and emotions to words and sounds.

The Colorme concept explores the presentation of music on a deeper level bringing into it additional experiences of color and emotion. Colorme attempts this with its three part package: Colorme Teardrop Headphones, Colorme iPhone App, and Colorme Balloon Lamp. The headphones may be color customized at any time to fit the users mood. These ultra comfortable, tear-shaped headphones are collapsible for easy portability and can become a colorful accessory to any outfit.

The iPhone App brings a creative new way to create and play with music based on the user's emotions, colors and different activity inputs. Think of this app as a genius-like concept with a unique social twist. Users can tag songs with certain colors, emotions and activities, then when they want to find their own music, the app matches songs based on their selected colors, emotions and activities. Users can even create entire playlists with the selection of one color.

The Balloon Lamp tops it all off by displaying vibrant colors based on the colors tagged in the song that is currently playing, turning your room into a beautiful fusion of sound, emotion and color. Utilizing a suction lock harness, the lamp can attach to just about any surface. The lamp can be hung from the roof, stuck on a wall or can sit on the surface of your desk.

Although the colorme package is just a concept, the idea certainly brings a unique twist to the experience of music and can give users a small taste of a synesthesia experience.