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Reach is Bungie's Last Halo on X360

An era eventually had to come to an end. According to a recent interview over at CVG, Bungie senior designer Lars Bakken said that the upcoming Halo: Reach title will more than likely be Bungie's last Halo game for the Xbox 360 console. Does that mean there will be no more Halo games for the console? Not necessarily.

"In terms of a platform for Halo games made by Bungie, yes," he said confirming the developer's exit in the franchise. "I can't answer that question for Microsoft though. Whether they have something in the works or not, I don't know if they're actually ready to talk about it yet, but in terms of Bungie-produced Halo games, ODST and then Reach is probably all you're going to get."

Bakken also told CVG that Halo: ODST is actually done, with Microsoft global group product manager Ryan Crosby adding that Bungie actually needed to finish ODST in order to get everyone working on the Reach title. Halo: ODST is slated for a September release.

Bungie is also working on a brand new IP, however Bakken could not elaborate any further.

  • teeth_03
    yeah,hopefully they're gonna develop more Halo games for PC now :P

    /joke,I know that aint gonna happen
  • falchard
    As far as a PC Game, Halo would suck. There are too many good shooters on the PC that a descent console one like Halo is easily overshadowed.
  • belardo
    Bungie isn't going to be making any more HALO anything.

    And the HALO for PC... that may never happen, because Microsoft supports PC GAMING! er... NOT!!
  • captaincharisma
    well there goes the only good game Xbox ever had LOL. now how are they going to keep people replacing there failed 360's? :)
  • doomtomb
    Keyword: For the 360. Who's to say PC as well as Microsoft's next console isn't going to get more Halo games? ODST then Reach, by that time Microsoft will have a new console on the horizon.
  • TheZander
    I thought Halo on the PC wasn't too bad. Played 1 and 2. Worked just fine. If they made more Halo for the PCs I'd get that adapter and some wireless 360 controllers. They just gotta do a good job on the port.

    Good port example: Mass Effect
    Bad port example: .... I'm sure you guys can list a few.

    If they nailed a Halo port to the PC it would sell really well. Gamers' PCs often have graphics that blow away anything the outdated 360 can do.
  • slothman
    I played Halo PC and now I can't even hardly stand to look at the graphics on Halo for x-box. I liked Halo PC, but never tried Halo 2 PC. I heard it wasn't as good though.
  • @Captaincharisma, ya Xbox 360 only has Gears of War, Halo, Final Fantasy, oh and ya now they get Metal Gear Solid too! The better statment would be, there goes the only game that kept Microsoft from buying out other franchises. Ladies and Gentlmen say hello to Microsoft's new mascot; Mario! Lol...
  • maigo
    The next Xbox, M$ might say they're not doing it but... just PC? lol, NO
  • anonymousdude
    @Hftlover FYI all those series you listed with the exception of Gears 2 and Halo 3 are on other platforms like the PS3. The Metal Gear you are referring to is Rising which Kojima will not be 100% involved in as he is making Peace Walker which actually let's you play as Snake. Rising sounds cool, but it seems like it would be more of a hack and slash game to me. Final Fantasy I have to admit will be a great game, but not a system seller like halo was. I believe that Final fantasy XIII will be in the same boat as halo overhyped selling on name alone. It would also take a huge amount of money for Microsoft to buy out other franchises. As long as Sony and Nintendo live the designers won't cave in to Microsoft's demands easily not when Nintendo has 50 million units worldwide and Sony over 20 million units combining for over 70 million units compared to the 360's 30 million or so units plus ports for the DS and PSP adding even more units and much more profit for designers.