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Anonymous Strikes Deus Ex, Eidos Websites

Wednesday evening the Eidos Montreal and Deus Ex websites were infiltrated and defaced by a splinter cell of the "hacktivist" group Anonymous. The sites were replaced by a defacement banner reading "Owned By Chippy 1337" and signed by the four hackers supposedly responsible for the break-in. By Thursday morning, Eidos web administrators yanked the sites offline and began a full investigation.

Apparently the banners were just the icing on the cake.

Chat logs obtained by reveal that the hackers possibly stole source code of several Eidos titles (including the new Deus Ex), around 9,000 resumes, and the personal info of at least 80,000 users registered with the Deus Ex website. These chat logs were reportedly left behind by the hackers while covering their tracks, and includes messages from "ev0," "nigg" and "e" who are affiliated with the hacker named "Ryan" (or Blackhatcat") that took over the IRC channels once used by the Anonymous faction.

Based on the conversation, these three broke away from Ryan's splinter cell, hacked into the Eidos websites, retrieved the source code and user database, and is now framing Ryan with the deed. There are also threats that the solen information will be released online for other malicious hackers to use and enjoy.

For now, there's no apparent reason why this splinter of a splinter is revolting other than it may have something to do with Anonymous' disapproval of Ryan's recent activities and thus have "doxed" him. For the uninitiated, "doxing" means publishing documents online including someone's full name, home address, phone number and Skype handle and other details. Ryan's full name was even used on the banners splashed across the Eidos websites, as seen here.

"ev0 and nigg got the 0day they used to break in [to] from one guy, then got Blackhatcat to execute it and then screwed everyone, stole the database," said an observer who asked to remained nameless. "This is how those guys roll: One day they work together, the next they war. They drop dox on each other like it’s a game. Just like they did pinning the defacement of Dues Ex on Blackhatcat. Then denied the whole thing. Its psychotic behavior like I have never seen. Its like they hate each other but will work together on certain ops if it suits them, but then might turn on each other in the end…and then laugh it off.”

Meanwhile, Eidos released an official statement regarding the breach, confirming that hackers gained access to part of and two product sites. "We immediately took the sites offline to assess how this had happened and what had been accessed, then took further measures to increase the security of these and all of our websites, before allowing the sites to go live again," the company said.

While the Eidos database doesn't contain credit card information, the company claims that the hackers gained access to up to 350 resumes that have been submitted to the company. Up to 25,000 email addresses were also obtained, but are not linked to any additional personal information, as they were submitted by users to receive product information updates.

"No dissemination or misappropriation of any other personal information has been identified at this point," the company said. "We take the security of our websites extremely seriously and employ strict measures, which we test regularly, to guard against this sort of incident."

  • Agustus69
    These guys are some sort of jerks. I'm hoping they are caught some day and rather than offering them a job - which is usually what happens with hackers - instead tossing them in the clink for a good 10-15 years.
  • guyjones
    What a bunch of total imbeciles. These people are contemptible.

    It's great to have computer skills. To use those skills to steal the property of developers and designers who are pouring their sweat into making software titles to be sold is just despicable.

    These people are too lazy to get real jobs and instead spend their time destroying the livelihood of others. They deserve universal condemnation from users.
  • weaselsmasher
    Do people understand yet why Anonymous aren't heroes? They're just people who like to hurt other people, then hide behind "social justice" or other empty marketing-grade buzzwords. Anonymous does not give a damn about Guantanamo, Tibet, or whatever other cause they use as excuse. Don't fool yourselves; they're the online equivalent of wife-beaters.

    Giving a sullen Asperger's poster-child punk computer skills doesn't somehow make them anything other than a skilled punk.
  • Big difference between 9000 and 350 resumes.... Yay sensationalism. The next article I see will have a headline of "9000 resumes and source code stolen by Anonymous".
    Why has Toms Hardware gone all tabloid in the past few years? (I don't care if the article originated on another site either -- you guys shouldn't just repost it anyways -- this isn't Gawker).
  • caskachan
    Why do companies keep making the mistake of havign sensitive game source code data on the same hard disk /network of their own website, keep the damn things separated!, hackers can only steal what you have on there FFS
  • The complete chat log can be found here

    btw these are rogue anon member. unfair to hate on the majority of anon that don't support this.
  • rebel1280
    rotsaeThe complete chat log can be found here these are rogue anon member. unfair to hate on the majority of anon that don't support this.
    Oh and its ok for Anon to hate on everyone that uses PS3 just because a few people didnt agree with what they did cause thats what Anon did, took down Sony and affected EVERYONE. but its ok to keep believing your fairy tale
  • Firehead2k
    Based on what's written here, it wasn't Anon that hacked Eidos then...
  • therabiddeer
    rebel1280Oh and its ok for Anon to hate on everyone that uses PS3 just because a few people didnt agree with what they did cause thats what Anon did, took down Sony and affected EVERYONE. but its ok to keep believing your fairy taleLast I checked they didnt hate on everyone that uses a PS3. They took down sony for a short while with a DDoS attack, but the people that caused PSN to be down for so long were not part of Anon.

    Also, from what I read in this article, anon had nothing to do with the attack on Eidos. For once, I really disagree with the title of an article.
  • It wasn't anon, sony only said it might be