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More Details on the HTC Android Tablet Leak Out

HTC has really come along in leaps and bounds since the release of the first ever Android phone, the G1. However, now that they’ve become one of the biggest smartphone manufacturers in the world, the company has decided to spread towards the tablet market.

We first heard about the HTC Flyer last week. The first of three planned tablets for 2011, the Flyer was reported to look like an enlarged HTC Desire (pictured) and would run Gingerbread, aka Android 2.3, when it first launched. An upgrade to Android 3.0/Honeycomb, the version of Android specifically developed for tablets, would be available when the OS rolled out on a more widespread basis. Other than this, and the fact that it would launch in the beginning of March, we didn’t know much else.

However, new information points to a 7-inch 1024x600-pixel resolution screen, a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor, 5-megapixel rear camera, and a front-facing 1.3-megapixel camera, support for HDMI and DLNA (media streaming) as well as Skype preinstalled. There’s also talk of a stylus, and a specially adjusted version of HTC’s sense UI.

No word on price just yet but with the rate we’re hearing information about this device, we’re sure it won’t be long.