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HP to Hold WebOS Event on February 9

CES 2011 is going to be tablet-tastic, we already know that. However, one company that seems to be waiting for the hubbub to die down before making its own tablet announcements is HP. The company has announced a February 9 WebOS event set to take place in San Francisco. Though the invitations do not mention tablets, it is widely believed to be a tablet and smartphone event.

The news comes on the approximate one year anniversary of the HP Slate’s unveiling. The Windows 7 tablet was unveiled at CES 2010 and though HP hinted it had plans for multiple Windows 7 tablets (as well as an Android device or two), the company has since redefined its tablet plans since it acquired Palm this past summer. Not too long after the $1.2 billion deal was finalised, the Windows 7 HP Slate was relegated to ‘enterprise-only’ status, the Android version was shelved, and Hewlett Packard said would be focusing on WebOS devices for the time being.

In October word got out that HP would be launching six WebOS devices in 2011. Sources in the components industry said at the time that both Foxconn and Compal has landed HP contract orders for Palm devices. Foxconn was said to have been contracted to deliver four or five new phones for sale in 2011, while Compal was said to be contracted for an additional device.

Bearing all of this in mind, it’s impossible to rule out the possibility of tablets next month, especially when pairing it all with certain statements made by former CEO Mark Hurd. Back in June, Hurd said they expected WebOS to become the backbone for many of its small form factor products. Throw in the much rumored 'Hurricane' WebOS tablet that's supposedly coming early 2011 and we're thinking all the tablet speculation might be bang on the money.