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Slip of the Tongue: HP Exec Mentions 'PalmPad'

We all know HP has plans for a Palm tablet but, with the release of the iPad and the unveiling of RIM's BlackBerry PlayBook, we've learned that some companies have unusual ideas when it comes to naming tablets. So what will HP call their WebOS slate? Something wonderfully catchy, or something as lame as iPad?

Yesterday during an analyst meeting, HP EVP Todd Bradley let slip that the company is calling it the PalmPad.

PreCentral cites Bradley as saying:

"We've already announced the expansion of our future product portfolio well beyond smartphones. We'll have a webOS-powered PalmPad that will be set for release early in 2011."

It's not clear if HP will keep this PalmPad name or if this is just what they're referring to the device as internally, but the company did file for a trademark on the name during the summer, so it's likely this is the real deal.

What would you call HP's WebOS tablet? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: PreCentral