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$230 Gyro Mouse Looks Like a Disco Ball

ChipChick points the way to a gyro-mouse that is covered with 500 Swarovski crystals. Costing consumers a hefty $229.99, the Deco Mouse looks somewhat like a miniature disco ball than anything useful for the PC. The device comes from online retailer Gizmine which also offers other interesting gadgets such as the Robotic Chick, a 4 GB camcorder for cats, USB-powered LED speakers, and more.

The Deco Mouse stems from a cheaper version made of stainless steel and far less Swarovski crystals. The device rests upon a reflective pad, and offers four buttons on the top. Consumers move the on-screen curser by tilting rather than physically moving the device across the surface. While no other information was provided, it's assumed that the buttons are customizable and that it connects via a USB port.

For consumers looking to spend more money on an input mouse, Gizmine offers a pricier Full Deco Mouse that looks more like a glitzy egg. Like the Deco Mouse, this 4-button device is layered with Swarovski, however the manufacturer managed to cram 1000 onto its oval surface. The Full Deco also incorporates motion sensing, detecting direction and tilt to determine cursor movement and speed. This device costs a hefty $449.99.

There's no indication that the Deco and Dull Deco mice feature internal LEDs for illumination. However the stainless steel skeleton more than likely prohibits any hind of disco lighting.