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Guitar With Laser System Detects Pitch

What could be more dangerous than a rockstar with a guitar? How about a rock star with a guitar with freakin' lasers attached to it! Okay maybe these lasers don't exactly burn through things, but the Laser Pitch Detection Pickup system utilizes lasers mounted on the guitar in order to detect the pitch of a string before it is even plucked. 

By detecting the pitch before the string is played, the latency when recording could become significantly lower. This allows a musician to transform their six string guitar into an efficient MIDI synthesizer using an interface or special pickup. By reducing the delay between the musician's plucking and the resultant tone, the MIDI recorder is able to better synchronize its sound. According to Gizmag, even the fastest of conventional MIDI systems could experience a latency of 12ms.

Developed by M3i Technologies, the Laser Pitch Detect can also be used on any stringed instrument with a fingerboard such as a bass guitar or a violin. Even if you aren't recording with your guitar, the LPD system provides some pretty cool visual effects. Unfortunately the technology is still in its developmental stages but M3i hopes to make it available commercially sometime in 2012.