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Guild Wars Novel Coming Q1/Q2 2010

NCsoft said Wednesday that the first novel based on the MMOG Guild Wars will hit book stores in the first half of 2010. Called Ghosts of Ascalon, the novel was penned by Jeff Grubb and Matt Forbeck, and sets the stage for the MMOG's upcoming sequel, Guild Wars 2.

Taking place in Tyria, a mismatched band of adventurers journeys into the "haunted, war-torn kingdom of Ascalon to retrieve a sacred relic that holds the promise of peace between humanity and their ancestral enemies, the savage charr."

NCSoft said that the novel takes place in the same era as Guild Wars 2: hundreds of years after the original Guild Wars series. Ghosts of Ascalon should serve as a good distraction for anxious fans waiting on the upcoming sequel.

This will definitely be a part of my library.