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Groove Strap Turns Your HDD Into a MP3 Player

In a technologically blessed world where there are hundreds of different affordable and practical mp3 players, it may be hard for new mp3 players to have any success. The Groove Strap concept created by designer Jaineel Shah is a revolutionary gadget that will definitely stand apart from its competition.

Instead of including its own internal hard drive, the Groove Strap utilizes a 2.5 inch HDD interface that allows users to insert and remove the included hard drive with ease. With a couple of modifications the Groove Strap could probably transform just about any HDD into an mp3 player. This t-shaped device features two knobs on both ends and a display that allows the users to control volume, playback and song selection with ease.

Although a small screen doesn't offer much more than your typical mp3 player, the versatile nature of the Groove Strap would be great for getting some extra use out a 2.5 HDD. If a model is produced that allows it to work with just about any hard drive, the Groove Strap could provide a great alternative to purchasing a pricey mp3 player.