Google Updates Search App With Voice For iOS

Google has updated its iOS app with its enhanced voice search, which, judging by its commendable quality, provides worthy competition for Apple's voice assistant Siri.

The service strikes several similarities with the functionality found in Google's search technology built into Android through Jelly Bean. The app provides spoken results for voice questions, while everything else is delivered through web searches.

Users are praising the quality the app delivers, with the answers being offered evidently quicker than Apple's Siri. Google's service also showcases voice transcriptions as queries are spoken by users, which is a component that Siri does not carry out until users are done talking.

The new feature was integrated through an update on Google's search application, which added support for the iPhone 5. iOS users are required to be on iOS 4.2 or above to utilize the feature.

Also available for Android, the latest version of the Google Search app uses the search engine giant's Knowledge Graph, consequently allowing the search app to deliver smarter answers "loud and clear."


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  • joytech22
    I don't think the knowledge graph is available in my country.. It doesn't seem to bring up the same answers (instead, very simplified versions) as those that are shown in video's asking the same questions.

    I'm in Australia by the way.

    Oh well, still beats the crap out of my friends iPhones haha.
  • eternalkp
    it's great but it doesn't do "set reminder" "send text to *** "
  • joytech22
    eternalkpit's great but it doesn't do "set reminder" "send text to *** "

    Yes it does. :\ I've used it several times for both.

    The reminder doesn't work for dates yet though I think. Just reminders for within the same day.