Play RPG Games Using Google Wave?

The first question to ask is just what exactly is Google Wave. While some of us are still waiting on an official invite, Ars Technica wrote a rather humorous article about the software, and how it's currently being used. As the article states, Google Wave is a combination of multiple mediums including IM, IRC, online forums, and more. According to Google's description, it's an "online tool for real-time communication and collaboration."

Wave users have already discovered that it's a good medium for role playing games, with many RPGs already in progress and more in the planning stages. "In the past few days, I've watched games from the sideline and talked to some Game Masters and gamers—there seems to be an emerging consensus that Google Wave has as much RPG potential as any platform since the venerable and proverbial tabletop," Ars reports.

The funny thing about the Ars article was that the author couldn't really explain the concept behind Google Wave and what it's good for. But he did point out that a good way to get your "feet wet" is to slay a few bugbears, find a missing grain peddler, or perform some other kind of RPG-ish task. The challenge, though, is to find other gamers who actually use Wave. That may be difficult right now since the service is in a limited preview.

Currently there are 11 RPGs listed on Google Wave, most of which are "indie games." There's one RPG based on the 4th Edition Dungeons & Dragons ruleset, and one Shadowrun RPG. To get the full scoop of playing RPGs on Google Wave, check out Ars Technica's article here.