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Google Launches Mobile Apps for Google Voice

Google Voice was only officially launched back in March, despite the fact that Google purchased the company behind the technology, Grand Central, back in 2007. The idea is you can reach a person with just one phone number whether they're at work, at home, at the park or anywhere else. Cell, home and work all ring at the same time when you dial this one number.

CNet today reports, citing Vincent Paquet, senior product manager for Google Voice and a co-founder of GrandCentral, that starting today, Blackberry and Android users who also use Google Voice would be able to make use of the service from their cell phone.

Google has also addressed an issue with the service that users have been frustrated with for a while now. Before, when users made a call, the person they were calling wouldn't see their Google Voice phone number, just the number of the device they were using to call. Paquet told CNet that the mobile applications will allow customer to make calls using Google Voice and have their GV numbers displayed on the other end.

An iPhone version is also in the works but not yet complete. Just to be clear, Google Voice DOES use your carrier to actually place the calls so its not like this is going to save you money when it comes to your monthly bill.

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