Samsung Considering Android for New Google TVs

It's been a while since we've heard anything from Google about its plans to enter our living room. Other than a smidge of discussion over Logitech's commercials advertising its set top boxes to go along with the service, we haven't seen hide nor hair of Google TV since Google announced it at Google I/O conference back in May.

Though Google mentioned nothing about a launch date for its Google TV service, the company said set top boxes and TVs from partners Logitech and Sony would hit in the fall. Filling in the blank for us is Google CEO Eric Schmidt, who this week told Reuters that Google TV will also be available in the fall.

However, perhaps more interesting is Bloomberg's report that Samsung will also be producing tellies running the Android-based Google TV software. Though it's not official, head of Samsung’s TV business, Yoon Boo Keun, told reporters that the company is considering it but said a key factor is whether South Korean movie, TV and music providers will cooperate with Google. No word on whether or not Logitech will be the only company making companion boxes (for those of us who don't want to buy a new Google TV).

Google TV allows for full web browsing on your TV (thanks to built in Chrome). You'll also have the ability to search for shows to find out when they're on and where you can watch them. Google will search your DVR, the channels you have, YouTube and other Websites to find what you're looking for.

For more on Google TV, check out the video from Google below.

Google TV Preview

Source: Bloomberg, Reuters via Engadget

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  • jeraldjunkmail
    Doesn't this mean that you have to stream HD over the internet? 7% of the USA is not even ON the internet, never mind on the uber high speed internet you would need to stream full HD content to an HDTV...
  • milktea
    AT&T U-Verse is delivered via IPTV. Its fiber to the node (FTTN) and Coax to Home gives me more than 24Mbps downstream. And their HD is quite good, althought not awesome.
  • mikem_90
    Sing a Song of Samsung, Pockets full of Wifi....

    pity the comments got deleted, that was kinda funny.

    Though really, This means there is a possibility they might abandon Samsung apps and my TV and Blue ray player will no longer get any updated apps. Suckfest.