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Google Letting Users Blocks Sites from Results

Google today announced a new feature for Google Search that enables users to block certain sites from appearing in search results.

"Perhaps the result just wasn’t quite right," say Google's Amay Champaneria and Beverly Yang over on the Google blog.

"But sometimes you may dislike the site in general, whether it’s offensive, pornographic or of generally low quality."

If that's the case, Google has introduced a link that will appear when you click "back" on your browser to return to the Google results. This new link allows you to block all results from the site you just visited. Google says you can block up to 500 sites, but there's no mention of whether or not you're able to do a one-time-only block for the sake of a specific search. However, you are able to unblock the site later if you wish, so that should serve as a more convoluted work-around for people who want to block sites on a search-by-search basis.

Interestingly, Google says that while sites will only be blocked for you, the search giant may use every one's blocking information to improve search ranking.

Rolling out on today, the new feature is available for people using Chrome 9+, IE8+ and Firefox 3.5+. Google will expand to new regions, languages and browsers in the near future.