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Android Receives Dedicated Reader from Google

Android junkies (cough) may be glad to know that Google has quietly released a free, official app for Google Reader. The new Google-sanctioned app is a definite must for those on the go who literally thrive on RSS feeds to get their daily dose of news and blog updates.

"Follow all your favorite sites, blogs and more, all in one place," Google says on the Android Market. "See what your friends are sharing, and easily share any interesting articles you read. The Google Reader app syncs with the web version, so all your reading lists are always up to date."

What Google doesn't reveal up front is that the Reader app also works with Google Buzz because the Twitter-like service is already integrated into the Google Reader web client. The only drawback is that users can't post comments directly to Google Buzz from the Reader app-- that's done through the separate Google Buzz app.

For those who use the web client, Google Reader for Android is nearly identical. One of the bigger improvements is in the Add Subscription feature, allowing users to not only seek out feeds using keywords and entering URLs, but to keep track of people, topics, and products mentioned on various news and search sites including eBay, Google Blog Search, Google News and Twitter Search.

Additionally, users can use Google Reader to follow blogs and profiles on various social sites such as Facebook, Livejournal, MySpace, Twitter, Flickr and more. Users can also browse for feeds from a long list of names including Adobe (6 feeds), Apple (10 feeds), Nintendo (9 feeds) and many, many others.

In the future Google may want to consider combining the Google Reader and Google Buzz apps to make the social interaction less confusing. Separating reading and posting into two different applications just doesn't make sense.