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Google Phone Possible for 2010

A custom-built Android phone from Google is now rumored to be making an appearance in 2010. Tech Crunch reports that it's no myth, but in fact the real deal. There's talk that the upcoming device might be a project similar to Apple and its iPhone, where Google controls all aspects of hardware and software without compromise.

According to the site, Google will in fact build its own branded phone and sell it directly and through retailers. Originally the device was planned to arrive before the holidays. However now the phone has slipped back into sometime early (Q1?) 2010. The phone will be built externally by a known mobile phone manufacturer, however Google's name will be what appears on the shell.

Unfortunately, that's all the "confirmed" news. Tech Crunch goes into detail about the "unconfirmed" stuff it's received, such as Taiwanese company HTC actually building the phone. There's also mention that LG or Samsung may be handing the manufacturing aspect, but Samsung may be out thanks to its ties with Apple's iPhone. Fingers are pointing to Korea as the "birthplace" of Google's phone however.

Sources have indicated that Google will begin promotions around January 2010. Of course, nothing official has been released, nor have we seen any kind of internal PDF or screenshot showing that the Google device exists. With the latest android smartphones taking off so quickly however, a dedicated Google phone isn't unlikely whatsoever.

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  • tester24
    It would be nice to have a dedicated Google phone, same could be said about a Microsoft Zune phone. But like everything else I'll have to see it to believe it.

    Wonder what will be under the hood? Capacitive touch screen, 5MP camera, GPS, GSM, CDMA, LTE! The list could go on. Hell I would like to see at least 400MB of RAM with 16 gigs internal storage.
  • cheepstuff
    google everything in 2010
    the news today is full of google. hope their phone does well...
  • srhelicity
    I'm thinking that it'll be very inexpensive (or, possibly, free!) with the use of ad-supported services. I also think it's a good bet that they'll offer a more expensive, no-ad version as well.
  • hillarymakesmecry
    The Droid has Google printed on it. Doesn't that mean they own it? I'm pretty sure Google is a software company. They should keep making the software they're really good at making.
  • Jenoin
    I'm waiting for a phone that has:
    OLED touchscreen
    (HVGA would probably be enough, but resolution similar to droid would be killer)

    All of these items are supposed to be in many devices in the very near future, but it's anyone's guess when we will see all three on one device. I wish that manufacturers were more forthcoming with information about products "just around the corner".
  • bfstev
    Im confused as to why google wants to compete directly with the droid. Maybe because its built by motorolla they dont get as much cash per phone? Thats probably it.