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Google Users Complain Over Nifty ''Ballsy'' Logo

For web surfers who haven't visited Google's home page since the end of last week, the search engine giant launched on Saturday a spectacular HTML 5-based particle movement simulator "logo." The interactive logo is comprised of colored balls that scatter all over the page as if repelled by the cursor. The balls will eventually return to their original "Google" state until the user disrupts the gathering again with the cursor.

Originally it was speculated that the logo was created in celebration of Google's birthday. However a Google spokesperson clarified, saying that it's "fast, fun and interactive, just the way we think search should be" without specifying further details. It's now believed that the logo is related to the press event scheduled for Wednesday.

Since its launch, the new logo is reportedly hogging up loads of CPU for many visitors. Annoyed Google users have thus flocked to the official forum to express their grief. "When [I] found my Core 2 Duo running at 30-40 per cent usage with the animation, with no way I could see to turn it off, I decided to solve the problem by going back to the background image, but the 'Change background image' link is gone," said one user.

For those experiencing problems displaying the new logo, users are encouraged to load up in their browser, a secure beta version that doesn't display the interactive logo. Google users who already have an account can actually log out to see the 'Change background image' link listed at the bottom left of the page. The link takes users back to a login page and an area for switching the background.

  • jlefebre6001
    cpu usage spiked for me maybe 2-4%. non issue
  • headscratcher
    "However a Google spokesperson clarified, saying that it's "fast, fun and interactive, just the way we think search should be" without specifying further details. "
    So this animation makes the search faster somehow?
  • insightdriver
    Interesting how it is. I use Google as my home page. Having a different logo every once in a while is interesting. I quickly discovered the behavior of the balls was influenced by my mouse. Since I navigate away from the page rather quickly, I enjoyed the moving colored balls. What is wrong with people, that the don't have a sense of humor?
  • azcoyote
    No spike.
    You have to click on it to start it.
    Lasts until you submit the search.
    Freaking whiners... Geez.
  • hillarymakesmecry
    My logo is still exactly the same. No balls at all.
  • COLGeek
    One of Google's best yet! No other company has the "balls" (pun intended) to play around with their logo like Google does. Like them or hate them, but they deserve a tip of the hat for their innovation and sense of humor. Go Google!!!
  • dbowlin17
    30-40% cpu usage with that site on a core 2 duo??? thats insanity. my pentium M (1.73 ghz with 1 gb ram) had no issue with the site, and i also was running mediamonkey and 5 or 6 other tabs in google chrome... its fun and entertaining the new logo
  • milktea
    It gave me a shock this morning seeing those balls. LOL
  • christiangordon
    40-60% P4
    10-16% Laptop T9600
    1-3% Q9550
    0-2% i5 655k

    This will bother most people
  • slapdashzero
    I thought that usage was silly too, but I can confirm, I tested it, and it put my old work P4 at over 60% in IE8. Though its got the crappy onboard video. Not that I mind, as others said, I'm there for all of 10 seconds usually.