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Google Expected to Reveal Music Store This Week

Various reports are indicating that Google has distributed invitations to a "These Go To Eleven" press event that will take place on Wednesday, November 16 at 2:00pm PST / 5:00pm EST. The actual location in Los Angeles is unknown, but consumers will be able to watch the event by heading over to Google's Android Developers YouTube channel here.

Sources claim this event will focus on the long-awaited Google Music MP3 store, an assumption based on the event's title which is named after a scene in 1984's This Is Spinal Tap movie. Google is expected to reveal the new MP3 store for the Android Market that will automatically store purchases in the Google Music virtual locker. The company is also expected to introduce social networking features that will allow users to "share" their music on Google+ and other popular sites.

Sources are also claiming that Google has definitely landed a licensing agreement with Universal Music Group. But the search engine giant is still conducting talks with Sony Music Entertainment and Warner Music Group, possibly indicating that Google Music won't have their support at launch. So far it's unclear whether EMI will even participate in the new service.

One of the disagreements that has reportedly plagued negotiations between Google and the major labels centers around an app currently on the Android Market called MP3 Download Pro. According to allegations, the app allows any user to search from public search engines and download music to their mobile phones. The RIAA even claims that the app is being used for piracy. So far Google has yet to kick the app off the Android Market.

Yet despite that setback, record labels are reportedly looking for an iTunes alternative and believe that Google has the money, internet presence and "know-how" to pull it off. But sources claim that record labels want Google to provide music from all top record companies and all the licenses. So far Google has managed to sign on only one, and the other two are seemingly having cold feet because their "all or nothing" needs aren't being met. Had EMI chosen some interest, Sony and Warner may have already signed up.

That said, Google may only make negotiations that much harder to finalize if it launches a music store this week without the approval of all four labels. Given the press event's title, Google may even reveal that it will actually sell video on the Android Market (instead of just rent) along with MP3s. We'll find out in two days.