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Google Announces Music Beta Streaming Service

Announced today at Google I/O, the service’s current title is actually Music Beta by Google. Anyone familiar with Amazon’s newly launched Cloud Drive music storage and streaming service will already have a good idea of how this works. Users are able to upload their personal music collection to the cloud and then stream that content from their computer or Android device. Unlike Amazon’s service, users will not necessarily need a connection to the internet to play their music. Google will store your most recently played tracks on your Android device, and you can choose to make specific albums or playlists available offline.

Available by invitation only, Music Beta by Google is launching today for users in the United States.

However, music isn’t the only thing Google wants you to be able to access from anywhere. The company today confirmed the launch of a movie rental service as an add-on to the Android market. Prices start at $1.99 and you’ll be able to rent from your computer and watch content across your Android devices.

For a better idea of how Google Music works, check the video below, or head to the Music Beta by Google website.