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Naked Man Spotted in Trunk on Street View

The image below is no longer available on Google Street View. Presumably someone, maybe even the man pictured, complained about the picture and asked for it to be removed. However, the photo did appear online long enough for media to get wind of it. It’s not clear just what was going on when this image was captured, and for that, we’d like you to offer a likely explanation.

I’d like to think there’s a reasonable story behind all of this. My theory is that this man is not naked at all, but wearing shorts. His dog has just died, and he’s trying to see if the body will fit in the boot of his car by seeing if he can fit himself in there. Why he couldn’t just lift the dog up and attempt to fit it in the boot first time around will probably remain one of life’s little mysteries for years to come. I’d go so far as to say he was so stricken by the death of his four-legged friend that he just wasn’t thinking clearly.

Screen cap above comes courtesy of German newspaper Der Spiegel.

Source: Der Spiegel (via CNet)