VIDEO: Google Reveals Google+ Social Network

Still, you can't say Google isn't having a fair crack at. Despite the fact that Google Buzz was a privacy failure and Orkut was only really popular in South America, the company today revealed another social effort, dubbed Google+.

Google+ involves several services including group video chat (Hangout), the ability to share content with specific groups of friends (Circles), a content aggregator that serves you content and links you'll like based on your interests (Sparks), group messaging from your mobile (Huddle), the ability to instantly upload photos and organize into private albums (Instant Upload), and the option for location tagged posts (Location).

Google admits that everything is still little rough around the edges at this point. The company is also only testing the service in limited beta and is currently full up. You can still register your interest here, though, and you'll receive email updates on when the service is set to go live. If you want to explore Google+, head on over to Alternatively you can check out all 10 (ten!) of the Google+ tour videos below. Don't you just love when someone does all the leg work for you?

Here's a quick introduction into what the Google+ Project is all about:

Google Quick Look

Here's more about how Circles, the tool that allows you to create different groups to share different content with, works:

The Google Project: Circles

The Google Project: Explore Circles

This is Sparks, the aggregator that pulls content from the web and presents you with links you'll likely find interesting based on interests you yourself have provided:

Google Project: Sparks

The Google Project: Explore Sparks

Here's more about Hangouts, the feature that allows you and a circle of friends to 'hangout' via videochat:

The Google Project: Hangouts

The Google Project: Explore Hangouts

Want to know more about how Instant Upload works? Check it out below:

The Google Project: Instant Upload

Of course, a big part of the Google+ Project is mobile interaction. Learn all about that here:

The Google Project: Explore Mobile

Here's some more on Huddle, the app that allows you to message groups of friends all at the same time:

The Google Project: Huddle

Last, but certainly not least, Google has put together a quick rundown of how Google+ settings work and what aspects you can control in an effort to appease those worried about privacy:

The Google Project: Explore Settings

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  • dormantreign
    The big question is....Whats this offer that facebook doesn't. If nothing then it will fail.
  • cloakster
    dormantreignThe big question is....Whats this offer that facebook doesn't. If nothing then it will fail.

    Their hangouts and much better privacy settings is what imo puts it above facebook. I'm very excited about this since competition is what Facebook needs :)
  • cuecuemore
    ^^Very true; for the last several years the best two-word joke out there has been: "Facebook security."