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Report: Google Music Service Launching Soon

Reports suggest search giant Google is about to launch a music service to rival Apple. Already a prominent player in other markets such as phones, browsers, maps, email, operating systems and photo sharing, Google could be just months away from adding 'music service' to its portfolio of products.

The Wall Street Journal cites people familiar with the matter who say Google is 'stepping up conversations' about offering music services online as well as over Android devices. The Journal's sources say that although the plans are still vague, the company wants to launch its own music service in an effort to build on current practices of linking to partners like Pandora and iLike when someone searches for a song on Google.

Meanwhile, CNet reports that Google could launch the service as soon as this fall. Citing the uncovering of a Google Music by TechCrunch two weeks ago and the fact that Google demoed a Web-based iTunes competitor at it's I/O conference last month, CNet says Google's plans go beyond Android; CNet refers to music sector insiders who echo WSJ sources in saying the service could be tied to search.

Gred Sandoval writes that major labels would back such a move from Google as they've been pushing for an iTunes competitor for years.

What kind of service would Google have to offer to make a customer out of you? Let us know in the comments below!

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