Google Apps, Fake Names Coming to Google+

During the Web 2.0 Summit in San Francisco, Google+ SVP Vic Gundotra and Google Co-founder Sergey Brin said that Google Apps support for Google+ will be arriving within a few days. Google is also working on an implementation for pseudonyms and anonymous users for those who simply don't want to use their real names online (and for good reason).

However the latter feature may not arrive on Google's social network for quite a while. "It’s complicated to get this right," Gundotra said. The company needs time to figure out how users can don their nicknames and handles without "dramatically changing the atmosphere" of Google+. The company is also figuring out how to address the under-aged users and their right to privacy.

On the Google Apps for business front, previously there has been no way for users to access Google+ using their account. Instead, they've either had to create an additional account with the consumer-based Gmail, or avoid the social website altogether. Google hasn't already integrated Google Apps into the social website because the company “thought it would have more time” before Google+ grew to the point where integration was actually needed.

But the site has grown quicker than expected, with more than 40 million users already signed up and chatting. They have even uploaded 3.4 billion photos over the last 90 days, a statistic that Gundotra said blew his mind. That said, the sudden success has pushed Google into scaling the social network rather quickly to make sure it will work for all of its users -- including adding Google Apps support.

During the Web 2.0 Summit, Gundotra also talked about how developers have clamored for Google+ APIs. The company has decided to take a slow, cautious approach, not wanting to rush its APIs into the hands of the public. Because of this hesitation, the developer platform may not arrive until Google's I/O developer event next Spring.

"When we release an API we want developers to have high confidence that they can depend on Google," he said. "We don’t want to do anything haphazard."

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  • Scanlia
  • Anonymous
    My pseudonyms are not fake. They're very real, and they're my own. I really only use one, and it is as old as Google itself. There are teenagers using the internet who aren't as old as my pseudonym. What makes my name fake and theirs real? If anything, I picked mine, making it a more legitimate expression of my identity.
  • Wish I Was Wealthy
    That's good, then you can get real people & not like some of the smart ass remarks you get from some of Toms Hardware posts that just come up to do it.