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Google Repeats Stunt; Brin Wears Project Glass Sunglasses

Between Google execs wearing Google's Project Glass to various events and the very dramatic demo at Google I/O, we've seen quite a bit of Project Glass over the last few months. However, Google's Sergey Brin yesterday showed us a side of Project Glass that we hadn't yet seen, despite his numerous public appearances with the technology.


Google co-founder Sergey Brin yesterday appeared on the roof of Moscone Center in San Fransisco. Brin was there to show how the Wednesday's crazy skydiving stunt was done, but it wasn't the explanation of Wednesday's demo that got people talking about his rooftop presentation. Brin was sporting a pair of Google Glass sunglasses.

We already know that Google has developed a version of Project Glass suitable for glasses-wearers, but it seems the company has also worked out a solution for those that want to couple Google's new augmented reality HUD with a pair of shades. SlashGear reports that the version Sergey was wearing yesterday had clip-in tinted lenses, which could seemingly be slotted into place to suit sunnier conditions. 

Google hasn't shared much about Google Glass, except that the the technology is still a ways away from completion. The company opened up pre-orders of Google Glass Explorer edition to Google I/O attendees and promised a 2013 ship date. If you can't handle the $1500 price tag (or you're not at Google I/O), then you'll have to wait until 2014, when the rest of the world will be allowed to get their hands on it. Hopefully the price tag won't be so terrifying by that time.

Check out the video below for a behind the scenes look at the Google Glass demonstration and a healthy dose of Sergey in shades.

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