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Google Working on Facebook Rival?

Saturday Digg co-founder and CEO Kevin Rose said that Google is getting ready to launch a Facebook competitor called Google Me. The message came via Twitter and did not provide the "credible" sources behind the supposed Google launch taking place "very soon." To make matters worse, Rose hasn't offered any additional tweets on the subject since Saturday's big reveal, leaving most of us guessing as to what Google has planned.

It's speculated that Google may be expanding its Google Profiles site which already houses many of the necessary components for social networking. As it stands right now, Profiles doesn't contain the flood of information as seen on Facebook--Google doesn't really broadcast Profiles either. But as the San Francisco Weekly pointed out, Rick Klau, the developer who built Google Buzz, was recently called in to overhaul the Google Profiles website.

Perhaps to create a Facebook competitor?

Google is actually poised to do some hefty damage on Facebook by including all of its many facets into one central point: Maps, Gmail, Checkout, Latitude, and even the Android Market. Users could possibly incorporate their use of Buzz, Wave, and perhaps even Google Voice into the new social networking site. The possibilities are huge, and Google has the resources to make it happen.

But will consumers flock to a Google social website? After all, the search engine company fumbled the security ball with the launch of Google Buzz--those who remember the fiasco may not take the immediate plunge, if at all. The whole ordeal with Google spying on private networks may scare users away as well. Still, with the recent privacy issues plaguing Facebook, standoffish users may be forgiving of Google's track record, looking for a new roost.