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Google Chrome Coming Out of Beta

In an interview with Mike Arrington at TechCrunch’s Le Web conference, Google Vice President Marissa Meyer said that Chrome v1.0 would be available in the near future, however no details about a more solid release date were dished out.

For the past three months, Chrome has been in and out of the news. Most notably, of course, in the weeks after its release when Google had to reword its End User Licensing Agreement after it raised a few concerns about copyrights.

The wording of section 11 of the Chrome Terms of Service stated that by submitting, posting or displaying the content, you gave Google a “perpetual, irrevocable, worldwide, royalty-free and non-exclusive license to reproduce, adapt, modify, translate, publish, publicly perform, publicly display and distribute any Content that you submit, post or display on or through the Services.” Most people (well, most of those who actually bothered to read the EULA) had the same reaction we did. That being, “Uh, no?”

Rebecca Ward, Senior Product Counsel at Google said at the time that the company reuses chunks of Universal Terms of Service for the sake of simplicity and the claims made in the original agreement with Chrome were an oversight. "Sometimes, as in the case of Google Chrome, this means that the legal terms for a specific product may include terms that don’t apply well to the use of that product," Ward explained.

The blogging community calm again, attention turned toward the browser itself. During the first week of release, Chrome hit 1.48 percent of the market share before stabilizing around 1 percent. While numbers relaxed a little after the initial bloat of users who just wanted to try it out, there’s still a pretty decent amount of people using the browser. Net Applications reports that Chrome currently holds just over 0.8 percent of the market share.

Google has yet to release a beta version for Mac but is working on developing one. We’ll keep you posted on both the Mac version and the official release date for Chrome. Over and out.

  • Stable version for Vista 64 bit would be a good start. Chrome makes it crash every once in a while.
  • ckthecerealkiller
    Wow I remember telling myself "Hey I need to try that." Now here I am and I still am sticking with my Firefox.... Now I actually have to try it to hold onto a piece of my nerd status.
  • Stinkyweezilteet
    Chrome's beta beats all other Windows browsers at the Acid3 test. Only Safari running on a Mac can beat it. Check it for yourself at . Hey Tom's, how 'bout a browser comparison and benchmarking?
  • if it doesn't run on linux, it doesn't exist.
  • I love chrome to death...

    However it has many flaws...

    For one...

    It freezes constantly... even with write caching disabled completely (even in OS system changes)

    Also Theres no way to bookmark all the tabs open... wtf is up with that... like honestly...

    And theres no easy way to tell it to update as it downloads updates automatically... except it never tells you so it annoys me to death that I don't know what version I have

    But I love chrome so much compared to the other browsers... the address bar being a search engine is unbelievably helpful


    Google needs to come out with OFFICIAL chrome themes, not some shitty custom dll
  • cjl
    Can it beat the current Firefox prebeta build of 3.1? I get a 92/100 on the acid3 test, with only the second from the last box (between the purple and the green one) still unfinished.
  • falcompsx
    proeusif it doesn't run on linux, it doesn't exist.
    sure thing boss.
  • blackwidow_rsa
    opera 10 alpha gets 100 on the acid3 test.
  • seboj
    Let's hope Google worked out all the bugs. I run it along with FF 3.1, and it's a nice alternative.
  • I don't think google's gona settle with just 1% of the browser pie ! All we can do is wait for them to roll out an ace hidden underr their sleeve !
    Hail Google !