Google's Caffeine Search Engine Goes Live

Google's Matt Cutts has confirmed that the new Caffeine search engine is starting to slowly roll out of its test tube, and is now working at 50-percent in the data center. The Search Engine Roundtable received the confirmation by email, with an additional revelation that Google always had plans to introduce Caffeine on one data center only before going fully caffeinated.

Softpedia added that there are reports (threads) of changes in search results rankings. The altered search results stemmed from the IP address listed above, leading websites to speculate that perhaps Google was finally implementing its Caffeine-based infrastructure update.

According to a recent statement from Cutts, Caffeine isn't expected to officially hit the Internet until after the holidays. Until then, just the one server will experience the full goodness of Caffeine until at least January.

While many websites may see changes in the search engine listings, Cutts said that everyone should avoid generalizing. There may be times when the current de-caffeinated Google search engine is simply working at peak performance.

"I think it's really risky to take a few threads and turn that into a major Google update," he said, pointing to one website's claim that the ranking was altered by Caffeine.

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  • Anonymous
    Looks like Google finally woke up and smelled the coffee! :D
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  • Anonymous
    Looks like Google finally woke up and smelled the coffee! :D
  • lifelesspoet
    I was getting pretty tired of google searches lately, hopefully caffeine will wake up the industry.
  • sunflier
    I'm sure there's a lot of google users frothing at the mouth.