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Buzz Team Slept at Google Over the Weekend

Google has been doing a lot of Buzz damage control to try to restore faith in the product before it's too late. In fact, some of the Google employees working on Buzz actually slept at the Googleplex on Friday and Saturday night in an effort to get things fixed as soon as possible.

Last Thursday, Google rolled out some minor changes to Buzz. The biggest of these was clear and accurate instructions on how to hide your followers and following lists from the public. On Saturday, the search giant implemented some more serious changes: a new settings feature; a new kill-switch that not only turned Buzz off, but deleted all your posts and removed your Google profile too; and a new settings tab that grouped all Buzz settings in one place.

All these rushed changes are a result of a "Code Red" status issued by product manager Todd Jackson. The Business Insider reports that Jackson also set up a "War Room" for Buzz developers and over the weekend, the team actually stayed in the office to try and push out updates faster.

A Google spokesperson told Business Insider that a few of the team members slept at the Googleplex on Friday and Saturday. "Some of them straight through Friday and Saturday nights and through late Sunday, making changes."

Do you think Google is doing enough to make Buzz more user friendly? What changes would you make to the service? Let us know in the comments below.

  • rigaudio
    I ignored it when it first came out. Now I'm glad I did.
  • And where exactly are these supposed clear instructions on how to totally disable Buzz? So far as I can tell, the only way to disable Buzz is to delete your google profile? This seems like a spectacular design failure.
  • Damn, I hope they're getting paid VERY well for that sort of commitment.
  • crewslee
    I have avoided loggine ingo my Google account since all this BUZZ started. TBH i only use Google for the shared calendar (CALDAV) and subscribing to sites that may sell my email to spammers. Why release this junk in the first place.
  • Honis
    gnookergiDamn, I hope they're getting paid VERY well for that sort of commitment.Knowing Google's previous treatment of employee's, they are probably being generously rewarded for their time.

    I just hope Google learns from this and doesn't rush another product (I'm looking at you Wave).
  • zoemayne
    gmail is the best email service provider as far as i know... their the 1st to implement some of the features we see in almost all email providers now. and unlike my comcast email which i pay they never have lost my emails even hotmail has never lost an email of mines all of my emails get forwarded to my gmail account i havent used outlook for almost a year now. its funny a service that is free is better than a paid service.
  • Dirtman73
    This is one of the many reasons I only use Google mail for junk contacts. I really feel sorry for the suckers that have been using Google as a primary email account for all these years.
  • slapdashzero
    I don't understand why any company would even want to make a feature like that in the first place nowadays. Think back to how often the "Share your with everyone and the World!" feature has been a GOOD idea. Umm... never; Facebook's privacy debacles, anyone? It's always cause major problems and headaches and security issues and complaints. And for good reason. They said they had an "opt-out" for the feature when setting up an account. Seems to me that anything that affects or compromises privacy in such an astounding way should always be "opt-IN", as in off by default unless you take some painfully deliberate steps to make that information public.

    But what would users know?
  • azcoyote
    They slept at the office? Ahhhhh.... (shoots them the bird)
    I think they should be sleeping with the fishes.

    What a debacle. I am not pleased by having my info "published" for all without my consent. Many others are not either. Massive Epic FAIL by Google. May as well dig it a grave and bury it now.
  • dman3k
    I wouldn't be surprised if Google Buzz cause the demise of Google.