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Google is Really Disappointed with App Sales

Over the last few years we seen more Android device launches than we care to remember. However, despite the fact that there’s no shortage of Android devices or users, there seems to be a shortage of people actually paying cold, hard cash for Android apps. Forbes cites Google’s Android Platform Manager Eric Chu as saying Google is “not happy” about the purchases of paid apps.

Speaking to developers during a Q&A session at a conference in San Francisco, Chu said Google has a lot of ideas on how it can jack up the amount of spending going on amongst Android users. These include making it easier to ‘discover’ new, great applications in the Market Place, as well as making sure the Market Place and the apps themselves, are more social (this would obviously involve encouraging you to share what apps you’re buying and enjoying via your social channels).

However, there are a couple of more interesting ways Google is considering in its mission to earn more from apps. The first is carrier billing. AT&T customers can already bill their app purchases to their provider, and Chu said that despite the set-up of this kind of agreement being complicated and expensive, they plan to do it with more carriers around the world. The second is an in-app payments system that would encourage users to make purchases from within an app. Chu didn’t provide any more specifics but we’re thinking add-ons or extra levels for game apps and that kind of thing.

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