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15 Android Phones Versus the iPhone 5


There’s not a doubt in our minds that every Apple store will have lines out the door on the day the iPhone 5 launches. Those willing to camp out and battle the endless lines are those that are in it for the Apple name, services and the security of a closed and strictly-regulated App Store. Those same people are not going to be concerned with purchasing the latest and greatest hardware, since we strongly believe that an iPhone 5 will be one-upped by devices with quad-core CPUs from Nvidia and strong dual-core offerings from TI and Qualcomm. It's true that hardware specs aren't the only category to be concerned about when buying a smartphone, as there have been plenty of smartphones with top-notch hardware that are bogged down by inferior software (the Nokia N8, for instance). But with Android 2.X maturing into a top-notch mobile OS that's packed full of functionality, the hardware is quickly becoming a deciding factor for consumer.

Parting with iOS may be difficult for some, especially those with a lot of money invested into the Apple App Store, but the smartphone app offerings from Android have grown to encompass all of the most popular iPhone apps already. Are you looking to play Angry Birds or use Tweetdeck and Foursquare? Those and most other apps that are popular in the App Store are now available in the Android Marketplace, too. Those looking for a smooth interface and hassle-free experience may want to stick with iOS, but plenty of Android phones offer that same experience, with stock Android and HTC SenseUI-equipped devices coming to mind first.

Let's face it: the iPhone isn’t top dog anymore when it comes to hardware, as this is not a clear-cut contest like days gone by. If you want the fastest, most technologically advanced smartphone available, it’s time to go Android, or at least seriously consider it...not to say that the iPhone and the always-unpredictable Apple are all that far behind.