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15 Android Phones Versus the iPhone 5

A Word on Windows Phone 7

Obviously Android and Apple aren’t the only two players in the smartphone game. RIM and its BlackBerry devices are still a force to be reckoned with, especially amongst business users, and Microsoft is making quite a few enhancements to its Windows Phone 7 line. While there aren’t any solid plans on releasing any dual-core monsters on the WP7 platform, there’s still a trend of positive progress. Most 2011 WP7 devices will be running the same single-core Snapdragon processors that several of the high-end phones in this list are using as well. Hardware isn’t the only place WP7 has been seeing improvement either. Since its release, it has been receiving a steady stream of software updates that are slowly adding more functionality, such as copy/paste, integrated search improvements, and most excitingly, multitasking.

It seems that this year Microsoft isn’t going to have anything to compete with the iPhone 5, but its recent partnership with Nokia, the once world champion of mobile phones, could easily mean that the iPhone 6 will have a bit more competition to deal with.