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15 Android Phones Versus the iPhone 5

LG Nexus 3

Challenger: LG Nexus 3

Processor: Nvidia Tegra 3, quad-core

Screen Size: Unknown

iPhone Threat Level: Orange

This one is currently in the rumor phase, but sources are saying that LG will be manufacturing the next Google Nexus phone and that it will feature Nvidia’s Tegra 3 (Kal-El) quad-core processor. Its release date (again, rumors) is sometime around November of this year. This does make it the only phone in this list to be expected AFTER the launch of the iPhone 5, but with Apple’s current troubles keeping on schedule, it’s possible that the Nexus 3 will be announced prior to the iPhone 5 launch.

What does all of this mean? It means that even if the iPhone 5 launches according to schedule, two months later there will be a phone on the market that is more than twice as powerful (or, using Apple’s math when comparing the iPad to the iPad 2, eight times as powerful).

Considering all the information on the Nexus 3 is nothing but unconfirmed rumors, it’s hard to say how much of a threat it might actually pose, but as soon as any of it is made official, you might as well bump the threat level up to Red.