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Analysts Point at Slimmer iPad with Camera in Q2

According to Goldman Sachs, Apple will launch a slimmer, lighter iPad in the second quarter of 2011. If you'll recall, Apple announced the iPad in January and it launched a few months later, in early Q2. Bloomberg cites GS analysts that say the new iPad will keep the same 9.7-inch display but could be thinner and lighter, with a built-in camera and mini USB. The analysts also said that the much-rumored 7-inch iPad has yet to be finalized.

Though its unclear as to why Apple might want to make the already slim iPad even thinner, the addition of a webcam is a no-brainer and has been expected ever since Apple revealed its FaceTime video calling application at the iPhone 4 launch in June.

Source: Bloomberg

  • aleccj1
    Still wouldn't buy it...
  • fjjb
    like if we werent expecting it.... (sighs)
  • eklipz330
    can't wait until they add the 2nd camera
  • Accidental
    Same here.. it's just an endless grid of icons and offers no real additional functionality to me.
  • zambutu
    higher resolution and flash is all i really care about. 1 normal web cam would be ok too i guess. either way, i wont be upgrading for a G2
  • xero9200
    hough its unclear as to why Apple might want to make the already slim iPad even thinner

    Um, has anyone ever complained something was too thin?
  • geof2001
    xero9200Um, has anyone ever complained something was too thin?
    And another 40 year old virgin is outed.
  • toastninja17
    Yet another reason why I'm waiting and waiting and waiting to buy one. I keep on wanting one but then I keep reminding myself that the future renditions of the iPad are going to be so much better and more like the way they should be. I'm leaning towards whatever the 3rd generation one will be. I've heard rumors of higher resolution display, which is always welcome, and I'm hoping for more RAM (c'mon apple, give the iPad more or equal RAM than your CELLPHONE has) and it would be nice to see a more powerful processor. Maybe by the time iPad v3.0 is released, apple will have had enough time to test and incorporate Qualcomm's new 1.5GHz (was it dual core?) processor.
  • haunted one
    Goldman Sachs? Even I can predict that Apple will release a thinner model next year with some unlocked features.

    I feel that this didn't really deserve to be an article. It's just a restatement of points made before.
  • Zingam
    I can understand the eventual use for a front side facing camera but I can't imagine what could be the use for a back side camera that some of these devices have. Many modern notebooks have built in cameras too. It's almost like putting a back side camera on a notebook and running around with it and using it as a photo camera. :D That's ridiculous.