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Android 2.3 Hitting Nexus Ones? (Update: Nope)

So you've just about gotten through Monday morning with your sanity in tact but you're still plagued by the fact that there's a long way to go until you can really switch off, crack open a carton of eggnog, and wait for good old Saint Nick to pay you a visit.

Yes, waiting for Christmas sucks. Still, if you're an Android user, we've got some pretty good news that should brighten up your day: Google just launched Android 2.3, aka Gingerbread.

It's been rumored for a long, long time and there's a slew of smartphones in the works that are supposed to be shipping with 2.3 when they finally go on sale. Still, we had no idea when Gingerbread would finally be ready for those of us already rocking Android devices.

There are reports that Gingerbread is already being rolled out to folks with Nexus Ones. Mine is still listed as 'currently up to date' under system updates, so I'm holding out for the manual update option that I'm confident the Android dev community will provide pretty quickly. No word on other devices just yet, but here's hoping they're not too far behind!

[UPDATE] Oops! Looks like it was a false alarm. Engadget is reporting that their 'flood of tips' came from folks who were actually getting a much less interesting update for Android 2.2. A ladylike curtsy to Micr0be for the tip!

Source: Phandroid, Engadget