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Gigabyte Mouse Has Leather, 18K Gold

A few days ago, Gigabyte revealed the GM-M7800S, a wireless mouse that takes web surfing, game playing, and document editing to a whole new level.

The GM-M7800S is a bit more extravagant than your every day run-of-the-mill device, built to be classy, flashy, and probably crazy expensive. According to the company, this overloaded mouse will "accomplish your luxurious fantasy," perhaps indicating that World of Warcraft players will be able to demonstrate their unique style and taste by caressing its high quality leather surface with each swoosh of a virtual sword.

The company originally set out to create a wireless mouse that offered the same high standards experienced with exquisite goods, the same "design excellence." Gigabyte thus applied several Swarovski crystals and soft leather to the shell of a mouse, bordered by two-tone stitching along the edges. To crank "luxury" up an extra notch, Gigabyte coated the dpi switch and the Internet back and forward button with 18K gold plating. Unfortunately, Gigabyte didn't offer any release dates or price points, and frankly, with all the leather and gold plastered onto its hull, we were a bit afraid to ask.

On the hardware front however, the GM-M7800S seems like a genuine device despite its showy exterior. The company said that its 2.4 GHz wireless nano receiver can plug into desktops and laptops, offering maximum data transfer rates of 2 Mbps. The mouse also supports 10-meter transmission, and even features a reduction in power consumption. Additionally, the mouse uses advanced laser tracking, providing a 1600 and 800 DPI adjustable resolution for precision card moving during runs of Hearts or Solitaire.

"GM-M7800S is another Gigabyte commitment to bring fashion, style and exquisiteness to PC life," the company said. "It’s built to be classy."

Gigabyte is probably best known for its computer hardware, most notably its PC motherboards and graphics accelerator cards. While the company has not created a product-specific page for the GM-M7800S, a teaser image labeled with "Coming Soon" currently slides across the screen on the front page. A quick scan through the Gigabyte software yielded no lavish results, especially when looking for gold-plated motherboards or keyboards. The GK-K6800, its "Luxury Multimedia Keyboard," is shiny and pretty, though, with its laser-etched caps and volume wheel.

  • mrubermonkey
    They want the people with disposable income to dispose of it to them.
  • Kami3k
    They do realize the world is in the recession right? I mean I don't think many will pay 100s for a mouse just for looks. I'll rather get a new graphics card for that money.
  • Parrdacc
    Now all I need is to get some 20" spinners for my computer and some hydraulics and make my computer jump. Oh and a leather wrapped keyboard with keys made from carbon fiber.
  • ljport78
    You all realize that someone that would normally get this mouse doesn't have to worry about the "recession" right?
  • mlopinto2k1
    Actually, a leather keyboard with carbon fiber keys sounds pretty friggin awesome! Better get to you patent drawings before someone else does! ;o)
  • gimpy1
    It seems like the paste-Swarovski-crystals-on-stuff-to-class-it-up thing is getting a little overdone.

    Now if I could only find some nice leather and crystal clad AA batteries for the new mouse I'm going to order.
  • unlicensedhitman
    That's just stupid. You can buy a gaming mouse for $30-40 on
  • deltatux
    Wow ... useless product that I can get for less. Plus, not being a Bluetooth mouse makes it less reasonable to buy it.
  • scooterlibby
    Gigabyte Mouse Has Rich Morons, Wealthy Idiots as Potential Buyers
  • Hanin33
    gold is in again? i thought it was platinum still... don't hear of many rappers wanting leather/gold grills... =D