Scientists Create Super Adhesive Inspired From Gecko Feet

Researchers at the University of Massachusetts Amherst have created an incredibly strong adhesive material based on the feet of geckos. At the university's science and engineering lab, Michael Bartlett and his team were studying geckos and their incredible ability to stick to smooth surfaces, regardless of their angles. After carefully analyzing the structure of the feet, the team was able to create an adhesive material with the same properties.According to the scientists, a gecko's feet has an adhesive force that's equivalent to carrying nine pounds up a wall without falling. Considering their size and weight, this is quite an impressive feat (no pun intended). By copying the properties of gecko feet, the scientists were able to create a 16-inch square of adhesive material that is capable of holding something up to 700 pounds.

In the example pictured in the beginning of the article, the adhesive material was able to hold a 42-inch television to a glass wall without any issues. Another impressive aspect of the material is that it can be easily removed and replaced without any residue being left behind. Although we aren't sure when a commercial version might be available, our walls will definitely thank us once they are.

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