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EA: Single-Player A Thing of the Past

What's the best part of a game? The single-player experience? Or is it the online component providing deathmatch or cooperative play? Electronic Arts seems the feel it's the latter component, and believes that the single-player aspect may be a thing of the past according to Bit-Tech.

"Single-player games are no longer the future," said an EA spokesperson. "Multiplayer games are becoming increasingly exciting...Online functionality is a key way of extending the player experience."

The comment was made during an EA Winter Games Showcase last week held in London, displaying working segments of Left 4 Dead 2, Mass Effect 2, and Command & Conquer 4. Skate 3 also made an appearance, and EA said that the fourth installment will include extensive multiplayer and co-op play options.

Granted multiplayer is an exciting feature, it's hard to believe it will replace the single-player story. Then again, EA believes that players are "increasingly" focusing on multiplayer experiences, and if that is actually the case, the single hero that saves the day may indeed be a thing of the past.