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GameStop Digital Game Downloads in 2010

Gamers knew this would eventually happen: GameStop will soon sell digital game downloads along with the physical, packaged games located in-store. The new program, which will start testing next year according to Reuters, aims to provide additional content rather than full-blown titles for now. However the company's move into digital distribution will undoubtedly pave the way for full games when the market is ripe for the picking.

"A large market for full game downloads is not imminent, (but) the add-on downloadable market will grow," GameStop Chief Operating Officer Paul Raines said at the BMO Capital Management Digital Entertainment conference.

The plan described by Reuters paints a picture of the gamer learning about new downloadable content. Apparently the gamer can purchase the "upgrade" and then retrieve the content online when returning home. That may be the case, but a better scenario depicting gamers purchasing the content from GameStop's online store makes more sense.

Currently it's not known exactly what GameStop will offer that doesn't already exist on Microsoft's Xbox Live, Sony's PlayStation Network, or various websites offering content for hot PC games. The report states that GameStop will work in conjunction with Microsoft and Sony networks. We're betting that there will be GameStop exclusives thrown into the mix somewhere.

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