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GameStop: No Medal of Honor for Military Shops

GameStop has said it won't be selling the upcoming Medal of Honor title in its retail stores on Army bases. The company said in an internal email that the move is a mark of respect for men and women in uniform as users can shoot at American soldiers while playing as a member of the Taliban.

"GameStop has agreed out of respect for our past and present men and women in uniform we will not carry Medal of Honor in any of our Army and Air Force Exchange Service-based stores," the company said in an email to all employees. "GameStop fully supports AAFES in this endeavour and is sensitive to the fact that in multiplayer mode one side will assume the role of Taliban fighter."

EA has seen a significant amount of controversy regarding Medal of Honor but has so far refused to give in to pressure to alter the game. Late last month, EA Games president Frank Gibeau stood up to those against the game and asked why movies and books set in Afghanistan don't get flak but games do.

"At EA we passionately believe games are an artform, and I don't know why films and books set in Afghanistan don't get flack, yet [games] do. Whether it's Red Badge Of Courage or The Hurt Locker, the media of its time can be a platform for the people who wish to tell their stories. Games are becoming that platform."

Gibeau goes on to say that the team at EA expected controversy but went out of their way to produce the best story possible for the game.

"Games have been set in Afghanistan before. We anticipated this [controversy] when we decided on the concept of the game – this is about being a special forces solider.

"What's really important for us is that we partnered with the US military, and the Medal of Honor Society as well. We've gone out of our way to produce the best story for the game."

Do you think the game should be altered or changed? Let us know in the comments below!

  • frostyfireball
    "GameStop will not be selling the upcoming Call of Duty from Electronics Arts out of respect for those who have served or are serving in the armed forces."

    You might want to change that to:
    GameStop will not be selling the upcoming Medal of Honor from Electronics Arts out of respect for those who have served or are serving in the armed forces.
  • winner4455
    They have Gamestops at military bases?
  • Keep the game as it is. Americans are shot in most action films, so why cry over some pixels being shot?
  • vicsrealms
    Well, why would you go buy games at a gamestop when its more then likely that the BX/PX will carry it?
  • furylicious
    Yeah, read this article earlier today on another site. I think that games technically are a little different than movies and books, in the fact that you control your characters to kill simulated American soldiers. Yes, same general concept, but to actually manipulate your characters to kill US soldiers, I can see how that got a little touchy. But if you want my honest opinion, what gives us the right to shoot at other simulated people in general? Like hispanics in Resident Evil 4? Or the French in Battlefield Bad Company 2? Or what about poor zombies that have no choice but to be man-eating undead? :(

    Honestly, it's a double standard, but since it IS a military-base, out of respect, sure, I can let this one pass.

    Btw, don't be so harsh on Jane, CoD, MoH, not the same, for sure, but honest mistake I'm sure.
  • thechief73
    I think people need to lighten up, its a game, just a game. Stop blaming any and all type of media on societies existing problems, thats just an easy scapegoat. If you have trouble seperating fact from fiction maybe it is you that has the problem.
  • alphadark
    Why not just call the enemy team in the game "OpFor" in multiplayer?

    It isn't going to change the game mechanics.

    Usually war games wait at least a generation to do this, so the wounds have time to heal.
  • hokkdawg
    Oh, way to go. Wait till Obama brings all the troops home, then decide to restrict your inventory. If anything, they are only losing exposure to the 50,000 "non-combat" troops left over there.
  • nightcrawl3r
    Why are they hating on Medal of Honor so much? They should be proud of people playing it because if the gamers play it they will realize how tough it is for US Military over there. So the next time a gamer see a guy back from Afghanistan, the gamer will be able to tell him "Great Job" and appreciate what him and his fellows has done for the country.
  • Supertrek32
    By censoring a game, you're fighting against what those soldiers are fighting to protect.