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Samsung Has Sold 600,000 Galaxy Tabs

It may feel like a lot longer thanks to all the hype, but the Galaxy Tab has only been available for a month. With a month of sales under its belt, Samsung has revealed that the company has sold 600,000 units worldwide since launch.

Though impressive, the number is just over half of the iPads sold in the Apple tablet's first month of availability, and many are quick to point out that Samsung's sales are worldwide, whereas the iPad's million-in-a-month initial sales were U.S. only. There's also the fact that the Galaxy Tab is available across multiple networks at home and abroad.

Still, with all that considered, you also have to remember that the iPad was WiFi only for the first month. It's easy to compare Samsung's 600,000 number to Apple's 1,000,000 iPads in 28 days and call Samsung the loser, but Samsung has managed to get 600,000 people to sign two-year contracts for its tablet. The number of people who have purchased an iPad on a whim is probably much higher than the number of Galaxy Tab users signing their souls away without thinking about it.

Source: Wired