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Galaxy Nexus Arriving at Best Buy December 11

The Galaxy Nexus is already available in the United Kingdom and arriving in Canada on December 8. However, despite the hoopla surrounding its unveiling, neither Verizon nor Samsung has announced a release date for the North American market. When you consider the fact that the launch event was originally supposed to take place in the U.S., that's pretty puzzling.

The phone has already been delayed once -- initially scheduled to arrive in November, Verizon just recently pushed things back to December. Many assumed that this would mean we'd get the phone around the same time as our neighbors in the Great White North, and it looks like they might be right.

According to this screenshot that Engadget received from an anonymous tipster, the phone (referred to here as the SCH-i515) will arrive in Best Buy stores on December 11. There's no mention of a street date, so we have no clue if December 11 is also launch day, but it's possible the Galaxy Nexus is launching on the same day all over North America (December 8) and Best Buy won't get it for a few days after that. We won't know anything until we hear something official, though. Verizon? Samsung? Best Buy? Google? Anyone?